Rival Games is creating a new form of entertainment where TV series execution meets interactive, story-driven gaming with a graphic novel style.


This episodic form of gaming will allow gamers to experience branching storylines where tough moral choices will haunt them throughout the whole season.


We aim to raise the bar for dramatic interactive narrative on PC and mobile platforms.








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As we let you know the day before yesterday, we had a showcase interview from Rival Games Ltd in the pipeline. Today it's published. Mika JD Sorvari talked a bit about their game The Detail and how articy:draft helped to create the dialogue branches. Read the full interview here: www.nevigo.com/en/showcase-the-detail/ SAMPLE QUOTE: "I had a look [at articy:draft], found that it gave me a good graphical way to look at the way the dialogues are structured, and the power to set down the logic for those dialogues without the coders having to get involved."

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