The Detail Episode 2 is Coming Soon!

Hey there strangers!

As you may have noticed, it has been quite a while since we published the first episode of The Detail. Some concerns have been raised by the community, but worry not. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it isn’t even that oncoming train this time. The second episode, From the Ashes, is in active production, and will be released in May 2015!

Coming SoonNow for the assorted explanations and excuses.

Rival Games has always been about forging our own path as a company and making the kinds of games that we want to play ourselves. Unfortunately this automatically puts us at odds with the prevailing trends in the marketplace. The popularity of mobile free-to-play is waning thanks to oversaturation, but it is still the go-to choice for many investors. They find it hard to wrap their heads around the idea of a game with no match-3 mechanics that you actually have to pay for. Crazy concept, we know.

This does put us in a tricky position, trying to find funding while flying the indie flag. It is a balancing act, but despite the somewhat slow progress, we have continued to lean towards “keeping it real”, for your sakes as well as ours.

We are determined to give you a full season of The Detail, be it by hook or by crook. It may result in a certain “elasticity” in our schedules, but we feel it is a fair price to pay. Speaking of price, we will be rewarding our community with certain discounts as a way of saying thank you for your patience. You keep believing in us, and we’ll keep believing in you!

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5 Responses to The Detail Episode 2 is Coming Soon!

  1. Angry Joe says:

    You are just a failure trying to copy Telltale Games lol just sell the Detail to them or mergewith them

  2. Frozeni says:

    Good to see Episode 2 coming soon, loved the 1st one 🙂

  3. Peter W says:

    Please bring it to

  4. Rob says:

    Really enjoyed episode 1!
    Any idea when episode 2 is out on the iPad?

  5. Bee3dee says:

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