The Real Prize Behind a Win

It has been again a while since the last post, but we’ve got a good reason for that: we were awarded as the best team participating in the previously mentioned Turku Boost Startup Journey. That really meant a lot to us. Eventhough the prize is a trip to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the journey itself and how it ended has been the most valuable experience for us as team and as individuals. It has shown us, that we have a functioning team capable of working fluently together for a unified vision of the game we want to make. Also the business side of the product is starting to shape into a clear and distinctive model suited to work as a real TV-series structure and experience made onto modern gaming platforms. But I will tell more about that in the future.

Amazing art by Tim Richert: the original by Tim and the in-game image modified by us.

The next steps we are about to take are some of the most crucial ones in the whole project. Creating the best possible team around us, so we can create the best possible game to you. This process has already been started, and will go on for a while. But the main focus is keeping the core team small, independent and highly motivated. By this way, we can easily manage and adapt to any changes and challenges along the way.

Another important step in the following weeks is the validation and testing with our prototype of The Ricochet Reaction. We are still thinking of the distribution method, and the prototype is sadly Windows only (Mac OS X might be an option too), but if YOU are interested in giving us valuable feedback and thoughts on the prototype, please contact us via email or through twitter @tZZZuKKa. There will be a limited amount of tester spots available, so be sure the inform us as soon as possible.

Thats it for now. The first victory has been accomplished. Eventhough it is small scale, it was the first and the most important. People asked me a number of times during the hours after the win, why I’m still not smiling. Well, that’s because I know that the real Journey has just begun.

But here’s one quick chuckle 🙂