Rival Games proudly presents: The Ricochet Reaction

The Ricochet Reaction is a story driven film noir adventure set in a grim and unforgiving urban maze of dope, despair and destinies. We, a group with varying education backgrounds and passionate gamers, decided to put our talent, knowledge and enthusiasm together in order to create a thrilling gaming experience for you. Thus, we are now proud to introduce Rival Games’ first game, The Ricochet Reaction. We want it to offer dark, cruel and realistic story with brutal and intriguing atmosphere including challenging and ingenious problems. The following picture was made with in-game characters and scene, but it is still missing some elements (like rain and lighting effects). Nevertheless, it captures the overall atmosphere and graphical style of the game nicely.

This blog is aiming to offer you an insight in developing a game. We’ll keep you regularly updated with the latest info. Next time we will focus on the inspirations behind the story and art, and reveal you some in-game images.